Resident of Hugunin Hall,

Welcome to Hugunin Hall, in response to complaints about nothing to do in Platteville the Hugunin staff has assemble this challenge to show you how wrong that is, and also we want every resident to succeed in school and have some fun while doing so. This is where the challenge begins, as you complete tasks not only will you increase in rank and get this rank displayed on your door; but you will also learn more about this campus and what it has to offer. Every one that participates starts as a private first class. Assuming you want to rank up your first step is inform your RA that you are accepting the challenge. From there you must complete the assigned tasks for each rank before moving onto the next rank. The tasks will not all be easy but they will be rewarding. At the end of each semester the student with the highest rank in each wing will receive a reward as well as the highest rank in the building will receive another reward in addition.

Best of luck,

~Hugunin Staff

To enlist, see your RA and he will keep track of your score and give you each badge. There is a poster near the stairwell and a copy of the poster is attached to this post.

FILE HERE-ranking system