Hey guys! Thank you to everything that showed up! We had an awesome time in the basement! People has numbers written on their hands to indicate which scenario they were in throughout the party.

  • Someone has put adderall in your drink. Adderall dulls the symptoms of alcohol, which then can lead to overdrinking. Overdrinking can lead to alcohol poisoning. Adderall raises body temperature, blood pressure, and creates an irregular heartbeat.
  • Someone has ruffeed your drink. It takes 30 minutes for the drug to kick in. The drug will impair judgement, motor skills, and causes memory loss. As of now you have no memory of the whole night that will come!
  • It is your first time drinking and you don’t know your limit. You have now been alcohol poisoned. You continued to drink shots that night and now have passed out. The next morning your friends have found you dead from asphyxiation.
  • You wake up in someone else’s bed. The night before you partied on your birthday. Now you are unsure of what had happened. Some birthday party.
  • You go to a party and have only had a couple of beers. You then decide to walk back home and your drunk friends decide to follow you. One of your friend’s staggers and trips on the sidewalk and a police officer shines a light at you and your friends. You may have barely drank, but now you are paying for a hefty fine.
  • Your friends drove a truck to a party. Around 2 a.m. they decide to drive home and they are extremely intoxicated. You watch them get into their truck and don’t tell them to stay the night. After they drive a block down the road, you hear a tire screech and a big crash. A scream is heard in the distance and you have no idea what has happened to your friends.
  • You are intoxicated and think that it’s a good idea to jump from the roof of a house and land on a trampoline. At this point you have lost your judgement. You miss the trampoline and break both of your ankles.
  • You decide to host a party and a huge crowd of people show up at your house. They end up damaging your house apart while you are passed out. You wake up to have a $1,000 dollar fine for property damage.