Hey everyone!

On Tuesday, February 2nd at 6pm, I will be taking a group of people to Boxes and Walls in Southwest Hall.

The purpose of Boxes and Walls is to facilitate an interactive museum that provides a historical perspective on various oppressed groups while creating situations where participants will experience discrimination or relive an event in history. The title of the project is meant to signify  the “boxes” the place people in based on differences and the “walls”we build between people and us who we view different.

After walking through this museum of historical oppression, we will be driving over to A&W for root beer floats (or anything else your heart desires!) to discuss our thoughts and feelings about the experience.

We will be meeting in the front lobby at 5:45pm and will either be walking for driving over from there. Car pooling will be available for root beer floats!

***You pay for your own food/drinks at A&W.