From their website:

In 1992, we asked ourselves how we could help address the problem of hate. We decided that prevention was the cure for this disease which has affected everyone at some time in their life. Prevention through education and awareness! So, we started the Stop Hate Awareness Program. The more you see it, the more you understand it! If enough people show their good attitudes, we can overshadow the bad ones!

We are not trying to re-invent the wheel- There are many worthy programs to use for resources and information. Our purpose is to supply a foundation for you to use to show the people in your everyday world how you feel about hate. It’s a practical alternative to everyday products.

A stop sign was chosen to be a focal point with an unmistakable meaning. We didn’t use a yield sign. We don’t just say slow down or be careful. We mean Stop Hate, before somebody else gets hurt, or killed, again, and again. Prevention is our mission, and you can help us raise awareness where you live and work. The Stop Hate Awareness Program is here for you.

What started out of the trunk of a car has grown into a huge campaign! From T-shirts and stickers, to all sorts of clothing, bags, caps, accessories, and even pins! We are constantly adding to our product line to stay up with current styles and trends.

Our goal is to provide a product to help you educate others that not everyone hates. Hate is Hate. No matter who you use it against. It is universally familiar to everyone. Some of us are trying not to! Join us in the campaign against hate.

This program is what we choose to do individually. What can and will you do? Please help spread the word! Give a shirt! You can make a difference by wearing a shirt that says- STOP HATE. Help spread the word! #StopHate

Our focus includes mental health and special needs, as an ever growing presence in the fight to STOP HATE. Children and adults alike with special needs suffer from discremination, fear and being misunderstood. It is not their fault. Just as our color we’re born with and we have no control over our individual race, it doesn’t define who we are! Look into the heart and realize we are all human beings learning to grow together…….