If you haven’t had the chance to look at the bulletin boards on the walls yet do so soon because there going to be getting changed pretty soon.

“Who’s Your RA”- I believe I have met you all at least once by now but if your looking for a little more information or conversation take a look at this board. It goes over some of my interests and answers some of the questions you guys have asked. If you don’t know extreme ironing is literally that. Zorbing is basically take a giant hamster ball and do awesome stuff.

“Pop Into Spring Semester” – This board is giving you the tools  and knowledge on getting the good knowledge. At this point the semester has started its first wave of exams and classes are going full bore but there is still time to take those tips and apply them. Learning how to school is part of being at college. This is a set of simple things that can help you.

The last board is our  Notification and Voting board. This is where as the name says notifications for the wing such as warning or events and opportunities to voice your opinion in your wing in a mature manor. keep looking back at it from time to time to make sure your on top of things and staying informed on your wings activity.

The Vote we had was Marvel VS. DC and the final score went to Marvel.