Hello Pioneers of 4 North! Welcome to Hugunin Hall! I am Henry Nicklas, your RA! I will start off by saying I can super excited to have a great year with all of you. This will be my fourth year living in Hugunin and my third(ish) year as an RA. Here are some things about me!

  • I am from Kenosha, Wisconsin which is about 3 hours west of here.
  • I am studying Manufacturing and Product Development.
  • I had a Manufacturing Engineering Internship at Asyst Technologies down the street from my house. I also worked in the kitchen at a local Culver’s. Once you go blue, you never go back!
  • I have played Football for 2 years and Rugby for 4 years in high school.
  • I have 2 older brothers.
  • I have two Pugs at home.
  • I play games on Xbox One and PC time to time.
  • Became an uncle this summer!

I usually have my door open when I am in the room, otherwise you can always contact me with my campus email nicklash@uwplatt.edu!