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crw_1699-webPphotographedby Myles Heinzen

Photographed by Myles Heinzen
Photographed by Myles Heinzen
Photographed by Myles Heinzen
Photographed by Myles Heinzen

img_4424img_4418img_4419img_4420img_4421img_4422img_4423img_4417img_4416img_4415img_4414img_4413img_4412img_4411img_4410IMG_4304IMG_4305IMG_4306IMG_4319IMG_4317IMG_2552IMG_2545IMG_2546IMG_2547IMG_2548IMG_2549IMG_2550IMG_2544IMG_2543IMG_2542IMG_2540IMG_2539IMG_2538IMG_2504IMG_2494IMG_2507IMG_2497IMG_2537Looking down from Otts!Homecoming ParadeHomecoming Parade

Homecoming House Decorations!
Adventure is out there! Indiana Jones Scene!

Lighting of the M!Lighting of the M!Lighting of the M!Homecoming Parade! Space Shuttle Theme!Homecoming Dodgeball!Homecoming Dodgeball!Homecoming Dodgeball!Homecoming Tug-of-War!IMG_15901IMG_15891IMG_15951

Black Light Dance Party!
Hayley DJing!

Black Light Dance Party!Black Light Dance Party!IMG_15911IMG_15921IMG_15931IMG_15941Floor Meeting 9/30

Circle Olympics Volleyball!
Hugunin goes to the finals!
Kickball FNC
Over 150 people came!
April Birthdays!
At the Play Fair!

IMG_1422Grill Out Chill Out 2015Grill Out Chill Out 2015

Hugunin Rocks!
Grill Out Chill Out 2015

IMG_1429Grill Out Chill Out 2015

Corn Toss
Grill Out Chill Out 2015

Grill Out Chill Out 2015

All for Hugs, Hugs for All
Grill Out Chill Out 2015
Keep Calm and Live the Hug Life
Grill Out Chill Out 2015

Grill Out Chill Out 2015Grill Out Chill Out 2015

April Birthday Selfie!
Play Fair
Birthday Buddies!
Play Fair

Grill Out Chill Out